Studies Towards a Total a Synthesis of Tagetitoxin

Pearce, Christopher (2013) Studies Towards a Total a Synthesis of Tagetitoxin. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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    Tagetitoxin is a phytotoxin produced by the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae pv. tagetis. It
    is a selective inhibitor of RNA polymerase III in eukaryotic cells and RNA polymerase in
    bacteria. Since its initial isolation and partial characterization, more than thirty years have
    passed without a fully characterized structure for tagetitoxin. While much research has been
    carried out on the biological aspects of tagetitoxin, particularly with interests towards its
    activity as an inhibitor of RNA polymerase, very few published works are available from a
    synthetic perspective.
    Figure 1: Synthetic intermediates towards tagetitoxin
    In this thesis several promising synthetic intermediates towards the goal of tagetitoxin were
    synthesized (Figure 1). Herein the previous work related to the biology and synthetic studies
    of tagetitoxin and the recent studies conducted in the group towards a total synthesis of the
    molecule is described.

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