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Buhigas, Claudia, Warren, Anne Y., Leung, Wing-Kit, Whitaker, Hayley C., Luxton, Hayley J., Hawkins, Steve, Kay, Jonathan, Butler, Adam, Xu, Yaobo, Woodcock, Dan J., Merson, Susan, Frame, Fiona M., Sahli, Atef, Abascal, Federico, Martincorena, Inigo, Bova, G. Steven, Foster, Christopher S., Campbell, Peter, Maitland, Norman J., Neal, David E., Massie, Charlie E., Lynch, Andy G., Eeles, Rosalind A., Cooper, Colin S. ORCID:, Wedge, David C. and Brewer, Daniel S. ORCID: and CRUK-ICGC Prostate Cancer Group (2022) The architecture of clonal expansions in morphologically normal tissue from cancerous and non-cancerous prostates. Molecular Cancer, 21. ISSN 1476-4598

Burns, Daniel, Anokian, Ezequiel, Saunders, Edward J., Bristow, Robert G., Fraser, Michael, Reimand, Jüri, Schlomm, Thorsten, Sauter, Guido, Brors, Benedikt, Korbel, Jan, Weischenfeldt, Joachim, Waszak, Sebastian M., Corcoran, Niall M., Jung, Chol-Hee, Pope, Bernard J., Hovens, Chris M., Cancel-Tassin, Géraldine, Cussenot, Olivier, Loda, Massimo, Sander, Chris, Hayes, Vanessa M., Dalsgaard Sorensen, Karina, Lu, Yong-Jie, Hamdy, Freddie C., Foster, Christopher S., Gnanapragasam, Vincent, Butler, Adam, Lynch, Andy G., Massie, Charlie E., Woodcock, Dan J., Cooper, Colin S. ORCID:, Wedge, David C., Brewer, Daniel S. ORCID:, Kote-Jarai, Zsofia and Eeles, Rosalind A. and CR-UK/Prostate Cancer UK, ICGC, The PPCG (2022) Rare germline variants are associated with rapid biochemical recurrence after radical prostate cancer treatment: a PPCG study. European Urology, 82 (2). pp. 201-211. ISSN 0302-2838


Cardenas, Ryan, Prinsley, Peter, Philpott, Carl ORCID:, Bhutta, Mahmood F, Wilson, Emma, Brewer, Daniel S. ORCID: and Jennings, Barbara A. ORCID: (2022) Whole exome sequencing study identifies candidate loss of function variants and locus heterogeneity in familial cholesteatoma.

Connell, Shea, Frantzi, Maria, Latosinska, Agnieszka, Webb, Martyn, Mullen, William, Pejchinovski, Martin, Salji, Mark, Mischak, Harald, Cooper, Colin ORCID:, Clark, Jeremy and Brewer, Daniel ORCID: (2022) A model to detect significant prostate cancer integrating urinary peptide and extracellular vesicle RNA data. Cancers, 14 (8). ISSN 2072-6694


Hurst, Rachel, Meader, Emma, Gihawi, Abraham ORCID:, Rallapalli, Ghanasyam, Clark, Jeremy, Kay, Gemma L., Webb, Martyn, Manley, Kate, Curley, Helen, Walker, Helen, Kumar, Ravi, Schmidt, Katarzyna, Crossman, Lisa, Eeles, Rosalind A., Wedge, David C., Lynch, Andy G., Massie, Charlie E., Yazbek-Hanna, Marcelino, Rochester, Mark, Mills, Robert D., Mithen, Richard F., Traka, Maria H., Ball, Richard Y., O'Grady, Justin, Brewer, Daniel S. ORCID:, Wain, John and Cooper, Colin S. ORCID: (2022) Microbiomes of urine and the prostate are linked to human prostate cancer risk groups. European Urology Oncology, 5 (4). pp. 412-419. ISSN 2588-9311


Isaacs-Ten, Anna, Moreno-Gonzalez, Mar, Bone, Caitlin, Martens, Andre, Bernuzzi, Federico, Ludwig, Tobias, Hellmich, Charlotte, Hiller, Karsten, Rushworth, Stuart A. and Beraza, Naiara (2022) Metabolic regulation of macrophages by SIRT1 determines activation during cholestatic liver disease in mice. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 13 (4). pp. 1019-1039. ISSN 2352-345X


Jakobsdottir, G. Maria, Brewer, Daniel S. ORCID:, Cooper, Colin ORCID:, Green, Catherine and Wedge, David C. (2022) APOBEC3 mutational signatures are associated with extensive and diverse genomic instability across multiple tumour types. BMC Biology, 20. ISSN 1741-7007

Johnson, Benjamin, Reinhold, Johannes ORCID:, Holmes, Terri, Moore, Jamie A., Cowell, Verity, Bernardo, Andreia S., Rushworth, Stuart, Vassiliou, Vassilios ORCID: and Smith, James ORCID: (2022) Modelling metabolic shifts during cardiomyocyte differentiation, iron deficiency and transferrin rescue using human pluripotent stem cells. Metabolites, 12 (1). ISSN 2218-1989


Kumar, Prakrit R., Saad, Mona, Hellmich, Charlotte, Mistry, Jayna J., Moore, Jamie A., Conway, Shannon, Morris, Christopher J. ORCID:, Bowles, Kristian M. ORCID:, Moncrieff, Marc D. and Rushworth, Stuart A. (2022) PGC-1α induced mitochondrial biogenesis in stromal cells underpins mitochondrial transfer to melanoma. British Journal of Cancer, 127. 69–78. ISSN 0007-0920


Moore, Jamie A., Mistry, Jayna J., Hellmich, Charlotte, Horton, Rebecca H., Wojtowicz, Edyta E., Jibril, Aisha, Jefferson, Matthew, Wileman, Thomas, Beraza, Naiara, Bowles, Kristian M. ORCID: and Rushworth, Stuart A. (2022) LC3-associated phagocytosis in bone marrow macrophages suppresses acute myeloid leukemia progression through STING activation. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 132 (5). ISSN 0021-9738


Tomlinson, Matthew L., Zhao, Man, Barclay, Elaine J., Li, Jie, Li, Haixiu, Felix, Juri, Hill, Lionel, Saalbach, Gerhard, Rejzek, Martin, Yang, Dongfeng, Zhao, Qing, Kroon, Paul, Wang, Wei, Bao, Yongping ORCID:, Howes, Melanie-Jayne R., Tatsis, Evangelos C. and Martin, Cathie (2022) Diterpenoids from Scutellaria barbata induce tumour-selective cytotoxicity by taking the brakes off apoptosis. Medicinal Plant Biology, 1. ISSN 0000-0000


Wang, Yaqian, Chen, Fangfang, Zhang, Yuan, Zheng, Xiangyu, Liu, Shiyan, Tang, Meijuan, Wang, Ziling, Wang, Pan, Bao, Yongping ORCID: and Li, Dan (2022) Biphasic effect of sulforaphane on angiogenesis in hypoxia via modulation of both Nrf2 and mitochondrial dynamics. Food & Function, 13 (5). pp. 2884-2898. ISSN 2042-6496

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