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Al-Omari, S, Andrews, JE, Rowe, PJ, Marca-Bell, A and Preece, RC (2006) A speleothem-based reconstruction of palaeclimate in the central Zagros region (Iran). Archives of Climate Change in Karst. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication 10. In: Proceedings of the Symposium Climate Change: The Karst Record (IV), 2006-05-26 - 2006-05-29.


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Hiscock, K, Lovett, A, Dockerty, T, Saich, A, Sandhu, C, Sunnenberg, G, Appleton, K, Johnson, P, Greaves, J and Harris, B (2006) Best practice to reduce the impact of nitrate on groundwater quality - the Water4All experience. Proceedings of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences Winter Meeting of the Foundation for Soil and Groundwater, 7-8 March 2006, Vejle, Denmark. pp. 85-96.

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Hodson, J, Alexander, J, Kendall, A and Beavington Penney, S (2006) Biogenic carbonate grain transport in gravity flows: Calci-turbidite hosted hydrocarbon reservoirs. In: BG Research Forum, 2006-01-01.

Hodson, J, Alexander, J, Kendall, A and Beavington Penney, S (2006) Dune cross-lamination in turbidites: Do bioclasts succeed where quartz fails? In: BSRG AGM, 2007-12-17 - 2007-12-18.


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Susnik, J, Barclay, J and Alexander, J (2006) The Belham Valley, Montserrat: When is a lahar not a lahar? In: BSRG AGM, 2007-12-17 - 2007-12-18.

Susnik, J, Barclay, J and Alexander, J (2006) When is a lahar not a lahar? Observations from the Belham River Valley, Montserrat. In: International Sedimentology Congress, 2006-01-01.

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