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Carpenter, LJ, Green, TJ, Mills, GP, Bauguitte, S, Penkett, SA, Zanis, P, Schuepbach, E, Schmidbauer, N, Monks, PS and Zellweger, C (2000) Oxidized nitrogen and ozone production efficiencies in the springtime free troposphere over the Alps. Journal of Geophysical Research, 105 (D11). pp. 14547-14559. ISSN 0148-0227


Evans, MJ, Shallcross, DE, Law, KS, Wild, JOF, Simmonds, PG, Spain, TG, Berrisford, P, Methven, JV, Lewis, AC, McQuaid, JB, Pilling, MJ, Bandy, BJ, Penkett, SA and Pyle, JA (2000) Evaluation of a Lagrangian box model using field measurements from EASE (Eastern Atlantic Summer Experiment) 1996. Atmospheric Environment, 34 (23). pp. 3843-3863.


Hites, Ronald A., Santoro, Michael A., Sturges, W.T. ORCID:, Oram, D.E., Penkett, S.A., Wallington, T.J., Shine, K.P. and Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M. (2000) Clarifying the SFCF record [4] (multiple letters). Science, 290 (5493). pp. 935-936. ISSN 0036-8075


Pfeilsticker, K, Sturges, WT ORCID:, Bosch, H, Camy-Peyret, C, Chipperfield, MP, Engel, A, Fitzenberger, R, Muller, M, Payan, S and Sinnhuber, BM (2000) Lower stratospheric organic and inorganic bromine budget for the arctic winter 1998/99. Geophysical Research Letters, 27 (20). pp. 3305-3308. ISSN 1944-8007


Sturges, WT ORCID:, Wallington, TJ, Hurley, MD, Shine, KP, Sihra, K, Engel, A, Oram, DE, Penkett, SA, Mulvaney, R and Brenninkmeijer, CA (2000) A potent greenhouse gas identified in the atmosphere: SF5CF3. Science, 289 (5479). pp. 611-613. ISSN 1095-9203

Sturges, William T. ORCID:, Oram, David E., Carpenter, Lucy J., Penkett, Stuart A. and Engel, Andreas (2000) Bromoform as a source of stratospheric bromine. Geophysical Research Letters, 27 (14). pp. 2081-2084. ISSN 1944-8007

Sturges, WT, Oram, DE, Engel, A, Carpenter, LJ and Penkett, SA (2000) Measurements of organic precursors of Bry in the stratosphere. In: Proceedings of the Fifth European Ozone Workshop. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, pp. 368-371.

Sturges, WT, Oram, DE, Penkett, SA, Fraser, PJ and Engel, A (2000) Long-lived halogenated compounds in the stratosphere. In: Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases: Scientific Understanding, Control and Implementation. Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht.

Sturges, WT, Oram, DE, Penkett, SA, Wallington, TJ, Shine, KP and Brenninkmeijer, CA (2000) Clarifying the SF5CF3 record - Response. Science, 290 (5493). pp. 935-936. ISSN 1095-9203

Suntharalingam, P. and Sarmiento, J. L. (2000) Factors governing the oceanic nitrous oxide distribution: Simulations with an ocean general circulation model. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 14 (1). pp. 429-454. ISSN 1944-9224

Suntharalingam, P., Sarmiento, J. L. and Toggweiler, J. R. (2000) Global significance of nitrous-oxide production and transport from oceanic low-oxygen zones: A modeling study. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 14 (4). pp. 1353-1370. ISSN 1944-9224


Zanis, P, Monks, PS, Schuepbach, E, Carpenter, LJ, Green, TJ, Mills, GP, Bauguitte, S and Penkett, SA (2000) In situ ozone production under free tropospheric conditions during FREETEX '98 in the Swiss Alps. Journal of Geophysical Research, 105 (D19). pp. 24223-24234. ISSN 0148-0227

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