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Brown, Alexander (2005) If we value individual responsibility, which policies should we favour? Journal of Applied Philosophy, 22. pp. 23-44. ISSN 1468-5930

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Koutrakou, Vassiliki (2005) Insights into the post 2000 WTO-Inspired Development Policies Sponsored by the G8 and the European Union. RIEAS Research Paper, 96.

Kuusela, Oskari ORCID: (2005) From Metaphysics and Philosophical Theses to Grammar: Wittgenstein's Turn. Philosophical Investigations, 28 (2). pp. 95-133. ISSN 1467-9205


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Street, John ORCID: (2005) Politics lost, politics transformed, politics transformed, politics colonised? Theories of the impact of mass media. Political Studies Review, 3 (1). pp. 17-33.

Street, John ORCID: (2005) 'Showbusiness of a serious kind': a cultural politics of the arts prize. Media, Culture and Society, 27 (6). pp. 819-840. ISSN 1460-3675


Tomatsuri, Akiko (2005) 古代ギリシア社会における器楽と器楽音楽家---社会的考察の試み. 表象文化論研究, 4. pp. 2-17. ISSN 1348-5423

Tomatsuri, Akiko (2005) Silence and the Use of Percussion in Tadashi Suzuki’s Electra. In: Staging of Classical Drama around 2000, 2005-12-01 - 2005-12-03, Institute for Classical Studies.

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