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Aveyard, Karina (2012) Big Screen to Small Screen: Australasian film and its new formats (Special edition - Guest editor). Studies in Australasian Cinema, 6 (2).

Aveyard, Karina (2012) Cinema on the Edge: Improvised Film Exhibition and Digital Projection in Rural Australia. Studies in Australasian Cinema, 6 (2). pp. 189-201.

Aveyard, Karina (2012) Observation, Mediation and Intervention: an Account of Methodological Fusion in the Study of Rural Cinema Audiences in Australia. Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, 9 (2).


Barrow, Sarah (2012) Deconstructive Humour: Subverting Mexican and Chicano Stereotypes in “Un Día Sin Mexicanos”. Interdisciplinary Mexico, 2. pp. 31-45. ISSN 2193-9756

Barrow, Sarah (2012) South American Cinematic Culture: Policy, Production, Distribution and Exhibition, Miriam Ross (2010). Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, 8 (2). pp. 203-208. ISSN 1478-0488

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Bowater, Laura, Cornea, Christine, James, Helen and Bowater, Richard P. ORCID: (2012) Using science fiction to teach science facts. The Biochemist, 34 (6). pp. 15-20. ISSN 0954-982X


Carruthers, William (2012) Mit Rahineh-Memphis and Egyptian Fieldwork after the Free Officers’ Coup of 1952. Antiquity, 86 (334). ISSN 0003-598X

Carruthers, William (2012) Review of Jeffrey Abt: ‘American Egyptologist: The Life of James Henry Breasted and the Creation of His Oriental Institute'. British Journal for the History of Science, 45 (4). pp. 691-692. ISSN 0007-0874

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Clarke, Joanne ORCID: (2012) Decorating the Neolithic: an Evaluation of the Use of Plaster in the Enhancement of Daily Life in the Middle Pre-pottery Neolithic B of the Southern Levant. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 22 (2). pp. 177-186. ISSN 1474-0540

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D'Arcy, Geraint and Hand, Richard J. (2012) Open Your Eyes/Shut Your Eyes: Staging Kandinsky's The Yellow Sound at Tate Modern. Performance Research, 17 (5). pp. 56-60. ISSN 1352-8165

D'Arcy, Geraint (2012) 'It Opens!' The Victorian Wood Stage and its Magic Box Aesthetic. In: Society for Theatre Research. UNSPECIFIED.

D'Arcy, Geraint (2012) The Ourobroic Hyper-tech Model. In: American Society for Theatre Research. UNSPECIFIED.

D'Arcy, Geraint (2012) The Yellow Sound an unstageable composition: Technology, modernism and spaces that should-not-be. Body, Space, Technology, 12 (1). ISSN 1470-9120

Denison, Rayna and Furukawa, Hiroko (2012) From Manga to Movies: New Trends in Collaborative Production in Japanese Media Franchise. In: MeCCSA Conference, 2012-01-01.

Denison, Rayna and Furukawa, Hiroko (2012) Japanese Cinema Now: Production Trends in Contemporary Japanese Cinema. In: Keeping Japan on the Map, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Conference, 2012-01-01.


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Grant, Nicholas (2012) Robert TrentVinson, The Americans Are Coming! Dreams of African American Liberation in Segregationist South Africa (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2012, $26.36). Pp. 236. isbn978 0 8214 1986 1. Journal of American Studies, 46 (4). p. 2. ISSN 0021-8758


Haider, Syed ORCID: (2012) Entering the fold:India's Entry into a global modernity. In: The Other India. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne. ISBN 978-1-4438-4127-6

Hair, Ross ORCID: (2012) Two Evening Poems for Ian Hamilton Finlay. In: Two Evening Poems for Ian Hamilton Finlay. Bright Pink Mosquito, Gloucester, MA.

Hair, Ross and Clark, Laurie (2012) An Anthology Gathered for Shirley Collins. Longhouse Publishers, Green River, Vermont.

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Hand, Richard (2012) Entries on these horror films: ‘Jekyll and Hyde’; ‘Dead of Night’; ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’; ‘Curse of the Demon’; ‘Psycho’; ‘Plague of the Zombies’; ‘Night of the Living Dead’; ‘Theatre of Blood’; ‘Count Yorga’; ‘The Thing’; ‘The Mist’. In: Graphic Horror: Movie Monster Memories. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780764340826

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Hines, Claire (2012) How Far Will A Girl Go To Satisfy Her Needs?: From Dykesploitation to Lesbian Hard-core. In: Peep Shows: Cult Film and the Cine-Erotic. Wallflower Press. ISBN 978-1-906660-35-2

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Johnston, Keith M. ORCID: (2012) 'A riot of all the colours in the rainbow': Ealing Studios in Colour. In: Ealing Revisited. British Film Institute, London, pp. 195-205. ISBN 9781844575107


Keller, Jessalynn (2012) Virtual Feminisms:Girls' blogging communities, feminist activism, and participatory politics. Information, Communication & Society, 15 (3). ISSN 1369-118X

Keller, Jessalynn (2012) "It's a hard job being an Indian feminist":Mapping Girls' Feminist Identities and 'Close Encounters' on the Feminist Blogosphere. In: Feminist Media. Critical Media Studies . Transcript, pp. 136-146.

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Mills, Brett (2012) Make Me Laugh: Creativity in the British Television Comedy Industry. UNSPECIFIED.

Mills, Brett (2012) 'American Remake—Shudder': Online Debates about Life on Mars and 'British-ness'. In: Life on Mars: From Manchester to New York. University of Wales Press, Cardiff. ISBN 978-0708323595

Mills, Brett (2012) Brett Mills - UNSPECIFIED.

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Ralph, Sarah and Mills, Brett (2012) Written evidence submitted to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Inquiry into Support for the Creative Economy.:Make Me Laugh Research Project. UNSPECIFIED.

Rimmer, Mark ORCID: (2012) The participation and decision making of ‘at risk’ youth in community music projects: an exploration of three case studies. Journal of Youth Studies, 15 (3). pp. 329-350. ISSN 1367-6261

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