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White, Oliver, Babic, Jan, Trenado, Carlos, Johannsen, Leif and Goswami, Nandu (2019) The Promise of Stochastic Resonance in Falls Prevention. Frontiers in Physiology. ISSN 1664-042X

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Johannsen, Leif, Li, Karen Z.H., Chechlacz, Magdalena, Bibi, Attia, Kourtzi, Zoe and Wing, Alan M. (2013) Functional neuroimaging of the interference between working memory and the control of periodic ankle movement timing. Neuropsychologia, 51 (11). pp. 2142-2153. ISSN 0028-3932

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Book Section

Kaulmann, David, Chen, Hui-Ya and Johannsen, Leif (2017) Consolidation of the postural set during voluntary intermittent light finger contact as a function of hand dominance. In: 2017 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC). IEEE Conference Publications, pp. 523-527. ISBN 978-1-5090-1426-2

Johannsen, Leif, Wing, Alan and Redfern, Mark S (2015) Tactile control of balance. In: Scholarpedia. Scholarpedia, p. 6724.

Noormohammadi, Nima, Brownjohn, James, Wing, Alan, Racic, Vitomir, Johannsen, Leif and Elliott, Mark (2011) Effect of different cues on spectators' synchronisation, a vibration engineering approach. In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Structural Dynamics, EURODYN 2011. University of Southampton, Institute of Sound Vibration and Research, BEL, pp. 986-993. ISBN 9789076019314

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