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Brunt, Jason, Carter, Andrew T., Pye, Hannah V. and Peck, Michael W. (2018) The orphan germinant receptor protein GerXAO (but not GerX3b) is essential for L-alanine induced germination in Clostridium botulinum Group II. Scientific Reports, 8. ISSN 2045-2322

Brunt, Jason, Carter, Andrew T., Stringer, Sandra C and Peck, Michael W. (2018) Identification of a novel botulinum neurotoxin gene cluster in Enterococcus. FEBS Letters, 592 (3). 310–317. ISSN 0014-5793

Wang, Shiwei, Brunt, Jason, Peck, Michael W., Setlow, Peter and Li, Yong-Qing (2017) Analysis of the Germination of Individual Clostridium sporogenes Spores with and without Germinant Receptors and Cortex-Lytic Enzymes. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8. ISSN 1664-302X

Ihekwaba, Adaoha E. C., Mura, Ivan, Walshaw, John, Peck, Michael W. and Barker, Gary C. (2016) An Integrative Approach to Computational Modelling of the Gene Regulatory Network Controlling Clostridium botulinum Type A1 Toxin Production. PLoS Computational Biology, 12 (11). ISSN 1553-734X

Malakar, Pradeep K, Plowman, June, Aldus, Clare F, Xing, Zengtao, Zhao, Yong and Peck, Michael W (2013) Detection limit of Clostridium botulinum spores in dried mushroom samples sourced from China. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 166 (1). pp. 72-6. ISSN 0168-1605

Peck, Michael W, Plowman, June, Aldus, Clare F, Wyatt, Gary M, Izurieta, Walter Penaloza, Stringer, Sandra C and Barker, Gary C (2010) Development and application of a new method for specific and sensitive enumeration of spores of nonproteolytic Clostridium botulinum types B, E, and F in foods and food materials. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 76 (19). pp. 6607-14. ISSN 0099-2240

Aldus, Clare, Carter, Andrew and Peck, Michael (2010) Detection and characterisation of foodborne pathogens directly from environmental matrices using multianalyte microarrays. In: Rapid Microbiological Methods, 2010-06-11 - 2010-06-11, Chipping Campden.

Aldus, Clare, Carter, Andrew and Peck, Michael (2010) Detection and characterisation of foodborne pathogens directly from environmental matrices using multi analyte microarrays. In: Rapid Methods Europe, 2010-01-25 - 2010-01-27.

De Medici, Dario, Anniballi, Fabrizio, Wyatt, Gary M, Lindström, Miia, Messelhäusser, Ute, Aldus, Clare F, Delibato, Elisabetta, Korkeala, Hannu, Peck, Michael W and Fenicia, Lucia (2009) Multiplex PCR for detection of botulinum neurotoxin-producing clostridia in clinical, food, and environmental samples. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 75 (20). pp. 6457-61. ISSN 0099-2240

Le Marc, Y, Plowman, J, Aldus, C F, Munoz-Cuevas, M, Baranyi, J and Peck, M W (2008) Modelling the growth of Clostridium perfringens during the cooling of bulk meat. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 128 (1). pp. 41-50. ISSN 0168-1605

Abubakar, I, Irvine, L, Aldus, C F, Wyatt, G M, Fordham, R, Schelenz, S, Shepstone, L, Howe, A, Peck, M and Hunter, P R (2007) A systematic review of the clinical, public health and cost-effectiveness of rapid diagnostic tests for the detection and identification of bacterial intestinal pathogens in faeces and food. Health Technology Assessment, 11 (36). pp. 1-216. ISSN 2046-4924

Capps, Katherine L, McLaughlin, Emiline M, Murray, Alistair W A, Aldus, Clare F, Wyatt, Gary M, Peck, Michael W, van Amerongen, Aart, Ariëns, Renata M C, Wichers, Jan H, Baylis, Christopher L, Wareing, David R A and Bolton, Frederick J (2004) Validation of three rapid screening methods for detection of verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in foods:interlaboratory study. Journal of AOAC International, 87 (1). pp. 68-77. ISSN 1060-3271

Aldus, C F, Van Amerongen, A, Ariëns, R M C, Peck, M W, Wichers, J H and Wyatt, G M (2003) Principles of some novel rapid dipstick methods for detection and characterization of verotoxigenic Escherichia coli. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 95 (2). pp. 380-9. ISSN 1364-5072

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