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Métris, Aline, Baranyi, Jozsef, Kingsley, Robert A. ORCID:, Korcsmaros, Tamas, Olbei, Marton, Bohar, Balazs, Fazekas, David, Madgwick, Matthew, Sudhakar, Padhmanand and Hautefort, Isabelle (2022) Multilayered networks of SalmoNet2 enable strain comparisons of the Salmonella genus on a molecular level. mSystems, 7 (4). ISSN 2379-5077

Brooks-Warburton, Johanne, Modos, Dezso, Sudhakar, Padhmanand, Madgwick, Matthew, Thomas, John P., Bohar, Balazs, Fazekas, David, Zoufir, Azedine, Kapuy, Orsolya, Szalay-Beko, Mate, Verstockt, Bram, Hall, Lindsay J. ORCID:, Watson, Alastair ORCID:, Tremelling, Mark, Parkes, Miles, Vermeire, Severine, Bender, Andreas, Carding, Simon R. and Korcsmaros, Tamas (2022) A systems genomics approach to uncover patient-specific pathogenic pathways and proteins in ulcerative colitis. Nature Communications, 13 (1). ISSN 2041-1723

Gul, Lejla, Modos, Dezso, Fonseca, Sonia, Madgwick, Matthew, Thomas, John P., Sudhakar, Padhmanand, Booth, Catherine, Stentz, Régis, Carding, Simon R. and Korcsmaros, Tamas (2022) Extracellular vesicles produced by the human commensal gut bacterium Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron affect host immune pathways in a cell-type specific manner that are altered in inflammatory bowel disease. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 11 (1). ISSN 2001-3078

McKee, Alastair M., Kirkup, Benjamin M., Madgwick, Matthew, Fowler, Wesley J., Price, Christopher A., Dreger, Sally A., Ansorge, Rebecca, Makin, Kate A., Caim, Shabhonam, Le Gall, Gwenaelle ORCID:, Paveley, Jack, Leclaire, Charlotte, Dalby, Matthew J., Alcon-Giner, Cristina, Andrusaite, Anna, Feng, Tzu-Yu, Di Modica, Martina, Triulzi, Tiziana, Tagliabue, Elda, Milling, Simon W. F., Weilbaecher, Katherine N., Rutkowski, Melanie R., Korcsmaros, Tamas, Hall, Lindsay J. ORCID: and Robinson, Stephen D. ORCID: (2021) Antibiotic-induced disturbances of the gut microbiota result in accelerated breast tumor growth. iScience, 24 (9). ISSN 2589-0042

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