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Greenaway, John (2011) How policy framing is as important as the policy content: The story of the English and Welsh Licensing Act 2003. British Politics, 6 (4). pp. 408-429. ISSN 1746-918X

Greenaway, John (2008) Agendas, Venues and Alliances: New Opportunities for the Alcohol Control Movement in England. Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy, 15 (5). pp. 487-501. ISSN 0968-7637

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Book Section

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Greenaway, John (2003) Eleven entries in Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia, two volumes. ABC-Clio Inc..

Greenaway, John (2003) Eleven entries in Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia 2 vols. (6,000 words in total). ABC-CLIO, USA.

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