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Fleming, Leigh S., Manning, Andrew C., Pickers, Penelope A., Forster, Grant L. and Etchells, Alex J. (2022) Evaluating the performance of a Picarro G2207-i analyser for high-precision atmospheric O2 measurements.

Faassen, Kim A. P., Nguyen, Linh N. T., Broekema, Eadin R., Kers, Bert A. M., Mammarella, Ivan, Vesala, Timo, Pickers, Penelopy A., Manning, Andrew C., de Arellano, Jordi Vilà-Guerau, Meijer, Harro A. J., Peters, Wouter and Luijkx, Ingrid T. (2022) Diurnal variability of atmospheric O2, CO2 and their exchange ratio above a boreal forest in southern Finland.

Pickers, Penelope A., Manning, Andrew C., Quéré, Corinne Le, Forster, Grant L., Luijkx, Ingrid T., Gerbig, Christoph, Fleming, Leigh S. and Sturges, William T. (2022) Novel quantification of regional fossil fuel CO2 reductions during COVID-19 lockdowns using atmospheric oxygen measurements. Science Advances, 8 (16). ISSN 2375-2548

Nguyen, Linh N. T., Meijer, Harro A. J., van Leeuwen, Charlotte, Kers, Bert A. M., Scheeren, Hubertus A., Jones, Anna E., Brough, Neil, Barningham, Thomas, Pickers, Penelope A., Manning, Andrew C. and Luijkx, Ingrid T. (2022) Two decades of flask observations of atmospheric δ(O2/N2), CO2, and APO at stations Lutjewad (the Netherlands) and Mace Head (Ireland), and 3 years from Halley Station (Antarctica). Earth System Science Data, 14 (2). pp. 991-1014. ISSN 1866-3508

Wanninkhof, Rik, Pickers, Penelope, Omar, Abdirahman M., Sutton, Adrienne, Murata, Akihiko, Olsen, Are, Stephens, Britton B., Tilbrook, Bronte, Munro, David, Pierrot, Denis, Rehder, Gregor, Santana-Casiano, J. Magdalena, Müller, Jens D., Trinanes, Joaquin, Tedesco, Kathy, O’Brien, Kevin, Currie, Kim, Barbero, Leticia, Telszewski, Maciej, Hoppema, Mario, Ishii, Masao, González-Dávila, Melchor, Bates, Nicholas R., Metzl, Nicolas, Suntharalingam, Parvadha, Feely, Richard A., Nakaoka, Shin-Ichiro, Lauvset, Siv K., Takahashi, Taro, Steinhoff, Tobias and Schuster, Ute (2019) A surface ocean CO2 reference network, SOCONET and associated marine boundary layer CO2 measurements. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6. ISSN 2296-7745

Le Quéré, Corinne, Andrew, Robbie M., Friedlingstein, Pierre, Sitch, Stephen, Hauck, Judith, Pongratz, Julia, Pickers, Penelope A., Korsbakken, Jan Ivar, Peters, Glen P., Canadell, Josep G., Arneth, Almut, Arora, Vivek K., Barbero, Leticia, Bastos, Ana, Bopp, Laurent, Chevallier, Frédéric, Chini, Louise P., Ciais, Philippe, Doney, Scott C., Gkritzalis, Thanos, Goll, Daniel S., Harris, Ian, Haverd, Vanessa, Hoffman, Forrest M., Hoppema, Mario, Houghton, Richard A., Hurtt, George, Ilyina, Tatiana, Jain, Atul K., Johannessen, Truls, Jones, Chris D., Kato, Etsushi, Keeling, Ralph F., Goldewijk, Kees Klein, Landschützer, Peter, Lefèvre, Nathalie, Lienert, Sebastian, Liu, Zhu, Lombardozzi, Danica, Metzl, Nicolas, Munro, David R., Nabel, Julia E. M. S., Nakaoka, Shin-ichiro, Neill, Craig, Olsen, Are, Ono, Tsueno, Patra, Prabir, Peregon, Anna, Peters, Wouter, Peylin, Philippe, Pfeil, Benjamin, Pierrot, Denis, Poulter, Benjamin, Rehder, Gregor, Resplandy, Laure, Robertson, Eddy, Rocher, Matthias, Rödenbeck, Christian, Schuster, Ute, Schwinger, Jörg, Séférian, Roland, Skjelvan, Ingunn, Steinhoff, Tobias, Sutton, Adrienne, Tans, Pieter P., Tian, Hanqin, Tilbrook, Bronte, Tubiello, Francesco N., van der Laan-Luijkx, Ingrid T., van der Werf, Guido R., Viovy, Nicolas, Walker, Anthony P., Wiltshire, Andrew J., Wright, Rebecca, Zaehle, Sönke and Zheng, Bo (2018) Global Carbon Budget 2018. Earth System Science Data, 10 (4). pp. 2141-2194. ISSN 1866-3516

Pickers, Penelope A., Manning, Andrew C., Sturges, William T., Le Quéré, Corinne, Mikaloff Fletcher, Sara E., Wilson, Philip A. and Etchells, Alex J. (2017) In situ measurements of atmospheric O2 and CO2 reveal an unexpected O2 signal over the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 31 (8). 1289–1305. ISSN 0886-6236

Pickers, Penelope (2016) New applications of continuous atmospheric O2 measurements: meridional transects across the Atlantic Ocean, and improved quantification of fossil fuel‐derived CO2.

Pickers, P.A. and Manning, A.C. (2015) Investigating bias in the application of curve fitting programs to atmospheric time series. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 8 (3). pp. 1469-1489. ISSN 1867-1381

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