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Gaskill, Malcolm (2018) Dining with Ivan the Terrible:London’s Triumph: Merchant Adventurers and the Tudor City by Stephen AlfordAllen Lane, 316 pp, £20.00, April 2017, ISBN 978 0 241 00358 9. London Review of Books, 40 (3). pp. 37-38. ISSN 0260-9592

Gaskill, Malcolm (2017) Unnatural Rebellion:The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present by Ronald HuttonYale, 360 pp, £25.00, August, ISBN 978 0 300 22904 2. London Review of Books, 39 (21). pp. 17-20. ISSN 0260-9592

Gaskill, Malcolm (2017) Staunch with Sugar:Accidents and Violent Death in Early Modern London, 1650-1750 by Craig Spence Boydell, 273 pp, £65.00, November 2016, ISBN 978 1 78327 135 1. London Review of Books, 39 (17). p. 31.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2017) Frances Timbers. The Magical Adventures of Mary Parish: The Occult World of Seventeenth-Century London. Early Modern Studies 16. Kirksville: Truman State University Press, 2016. Pp. 211. $40.00 (cloth). Journal of British Studies, 56 (1). pp. 172-174. ISSN 0021-9371

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Witchcraft, Witch-Hunting, and Politics in Early Modern England. By Peter Elmer. Oxford University Press. 2016. x + 369pp. £65.00. History, 101 (348). pp. 785-787. ISSN 0018-2648

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Steven P. Marrone, A History of Science, Magic & Belief: From Medieval to Early Modern Europe. European History Quarterly, 46 (4). pp. 758-759. ISSN 0265-6914

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Money, Sex, Lies, Magic:The Astronomer and the Witch: Johannes Kepler’s Fight for his Mother by Ulinka Rublack. Oxford, 359 pp, £20.00, October 2015, ISBN 978 0 19 873677 6. London Review of Books, 38 (13). pp. 29-30.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2008) The Pursuit of Reality: Recent research into the reality of witchcraft. Historical Journal, 51 (4). pp. 1069-1088. ISSN 1469-5103

Gaskill, Malcolm (2008) Witchcraft and evidence in early modern England. Past and Present, 198. pp. 33-70. ISSN 1477-464X

Gaskill, Malcolm (2007) Witchcraft, Politics and Memory in Seventeenth-Century England. Historical Journal, 50 (2). pp. 289-308. ISSN 1469-5103

Gaskill, Malcolm (2006) Time's Arrows: Context and Anachronism in the History of Mentalities. Scientia Poetica, 10. pp. 237-53.

Gaskill, Malcolm (1998) The devil in the shape of a man: witchcraft, conflict and belief in Jacobean England. Historical Research, 71 (175). pp. 142-71. ISSN 1468-2281

Gaskill, Malcolm (1998) Reporting murder: fiction in the archives in early modern England. Social History, 23 (1). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1470-1200

Gaskill, Malcolm (1996) The displacement of providence: policing and prosecution in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England. Continuity and Change, 11. pp. 341-74. ISSN 1469-218X

Gaskill, Malcolm and Meldrum, Tim (1993) "Crime, the law, and the state": University of Essex/Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Naples, Comparative History Summer School, 6-10 July 1992. Social History, 18 (1). pp. 87-92. ISSN 1470-1200

Book Section

Gaskill, Malcolm (2018) The Fear and Loathing of Witches. In: Spellbound. Ashmolean Museum. ISBN 978-1910807248

Gaskill, Malcolm (2017) Little commonwealths II: communities. In: A Social History of England, 1500-1700. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107614598

Gaskill, Malcolm (2017) Afterword: Passions in Perspective. In: Emotions in the History of Witchcraft. Palgrave Studies in the History of Emotions . Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 269-279. ISBN 978-1-137-52902-2

Gaskill, Malcolm (2013) Witchcraft and Neighbourliness in Early Modern England. In: Remaking English Society. Boydell Press, Woodbridge, pp. 211-232. ISBN 978-1843837961

Gaskill, Malcolm (2009) Masculinity and witchcraft in seventeenth-century England. In: Witchcraft and Masculinities in Early Modern Europe. Palgrave. ISBN 9780230553293

Gaskill, Malcolm (2009) Fear made flesh: the English witch-panic of 1645-7. In: Moral Panics, the Press and the Law in Early Modern England. Palgrave. ISBN 9780230527324

Gaskill, Malcolm (2008) Witchcraft, emotion and imagination in the English civil war. In: Witchcraft and the Act of 1604. Brill. ISBN 9789004165281

Gaskill, Malcolm (2003) Mentalities from crime: listening to witnesses in early modern England. In: Droit et Societé en France et en Grande-Bretagne XIIe–XXe Siècles. Publications de la Sorbonne, pp. 91-101. ISBN 2859444882

Gaskill, Malcolm (2002) New directions in the history of crime and the law in early modern England. In: Crime, Gender and Sexuality in Criminal Prosecutions. Greenwood Press, pp. 147-169. ISBN 0313310130

Gaskill, Malcolm (2001) Witches and Witnesses in old and New England. In: Languages of Witchcraft: Narrative, Ideology and Meaning in Early Modern Culture. Macmillan, pp. 55-80. ISBN 0333793498

Gaskill, Malcolm (2000) Witches and witchcraft prosecutions, 1560-1660. In: Early Modern Kent 1540-1640. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, pp. 245-77. ISBN 0851155855

Gaskill, Malcolm (1996) Witchcraft in early modern Kent: stereotypes and the background to accusations. In: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe: Studies in Culture and Belief. CUP, pp. 257-87. ISBN 0521552249

Gaskill, Malcolm (1994) Witchcraft and power in early modern England: the case of Margaret Moore. In: Women, Crime and the Courts in Early Modern England. Routledge, pp. 125-45. ISBN 1857281411

Conference or Workshop Item

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Silence and suspicion: witchcraft in a seventeenth-century American household. In: Supernatural Spaces in the Early Modern World, 2016-05-20, John Rylands Library.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) The demonstration of witchcraft: emotion and proof in early modern England. In: Witchcraft and Emotions II: Social Conflict and the Judicial Process, 2016-06-23 - 2016-06-24, Centre for the History of Emotions, Max Planck Institute.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2015) The personification of witchcraft: emotion, identity and reality in early modern England. In: Witchcraft and Emotions I: Media and Cultural Meanings, 2015-11-25 - 2015-11-27, Centre for the History of Emotions, University of Melbourne.


Gaskill, Malcolm (2014) Between Two Worlds:How the English Became Americans. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 978-0-19-967296-7

Gaskill, Malcolm (2010) Witchcraft: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199236954

Gaskill, Malcolm (2007) Witchfinders: A Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy. Harvard University Press. ISBN 9780674025424

Gaskill, Malcolm (2003) The Matthew Hopkins Trials. Pickering and Chatto.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2001) Hellish Nell: Last of Britain's Witches. Fourth Estate. ISBN 978-1841151090

Gaskill, Malcolm (2000) Crime and Mentalities in Early Modern England. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781139051897

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