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Patron, Nicola J, Orzaez, Diego, Marillonnet, Sylvestre, Warzecha, Heribert, Matthewman, Colette, Youles, Mark, Raitskin, Oleg, Leveau, Aymeric, Farré, Gemma, Rogers, Christian, Smith, Alison, Hibberd, Julian, Webb, Alex A R, Locke, James, Schornack, Sebastian, Ajioka, Jim, Baulcombe, David C, Zipfel, Cyril, Kamoun, Sophien, Jones, Jonathan D G, Kuhn, Hannah, Robatzek, Silke, Van Esse, H Peter, Sanders, Dale, Oldroyd, Giles, Martin, Cathie, Field, Rob, O'Connor, Sarah, Fox, Samantha, Wulff, Brande, Miller, Ben, Breakspear, Andy, Radhakrishnan, Guru, Delaux, Pierre-Marc, Loqué, Dominique, Granell, Antonio, Tissier, Alain, Shih, Patrick, Brutnell, Thomas P, Quick, W Paul, Rischer, Heiko, Fraser, Paul D, Aharoni, Asaph, Raines, Christine, South, Paul F, Ané, Jean-Michel, Hamberger, Björn R, Langdale, Jane, Stougaard, Jens, Bouwmeester, Harro, Udvardi, Michael, Murray, James A H, Ntoukakis, Vardis, Schäfer, Patrick, Denby, Katherine, Edwards, Keith J, Osbourn, Anne and Haseloff, Jim (2015) Standards for plant synthetic biology: a common syntax for exchange of DNA parts. New Phytologist, 208 (1). pp. 13-19. ISSN 0028-646X

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Book Section

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