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Bergero, Roberta, Ellis, Peter, Haerty, Wilfried, Larcombe, Lee, Macaulay, Iain, Mehta, Tarang, Mogensen, Mette, Murray, David, Nash, Will, Neale, Matthew J., O'Connor, Rebecca, Ottolini, Christian, Peel, Ned, Ramsey, Luke, Skinner, Ben, Suh, Alexander, Summers, Michael, Sun, Yu, Tidy, Alison, Rahbari, Raheleh, Rathje, Claudia and Immler, Simone (2021) Meiosis and beyond – understanding the mechanistic and evolutionary processes shaping the germline genome. Biological Reviews, 96 (3). pp. 822-841. ISSN 1464-7931

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Goldspink, Deborah, Rookyard, Chris, Tyrrell, Benjamin, Gadsby, Jonathan, Perkins, James, Lund, Elizabeth, Galjart, Niels, Thomas, Paul, Wileman, Thomas and Mogensen, Mette (2017) Ninein is essential for apico-basal microtubule formation and CLIP-170 facilitates its redeployment to non-centrosomal microtubule organizing centres. Open Biology, 7 (160274).

Zhou, Zhigang, Mogensen, Mette M, Powell, Penny P, Curry, Stephen and Wileman, Thomas (2013) Foot-and-mouth disease virus 3C protease induces fragmentation of the Golgi compartment and blocks intra-Golgi transport. Journal of Virology, 87 (21). pp. 11721-11729. ISSN 0022-538X

Goldspink, Deborah, Gadsby, Jonathan, Bellett, Gemma, Keynton, Jennifer, Tyrrell, Benjamin, Lund, Elizabeth, Powell, Penny, Thomas, Paul and Mogensen, Mette (2013) The microtubule end-binding protein EB2 is a central regulator of microtubule reorganisation in apico-basal epithelial differentiation. Journal of Cell Science, 126 (Pt 17). pp. 4000-4014.

Kohlmaier, Gregor, Lončarek, Jadranka, Meng, Xing, McEwen, Bruce F., Mogensen, Mette M., Spektor, Alexander, Dynlacht, Brian D., Khodjakov, Alexey and Gönczy, Pierre (2009) Overly Long Centrioles and Defective Cell Division upon Excess of the SAS-4-Related Prootein CPAP. Current Biology, 19 (12). pp. 1012-1018. ISSN 1879-0445

Bellett, Gemma, Carter, Jane M., Keynton, Jennifer, Goldspink, Deborah, James, Colin, Moss, David K. and Mogensen, Mette M. (2009) Microtubule plus-end and minus-end capture at adherens junctions is involved in the assembly of apico-basal arrays in polarised epithelial cells. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 66 (10). pp. 893-908.

Wagstaff, Laura J., Bellett, Gemma, Mogensen, Mette M. and Munsterberg, Andrea (2008) Multicellular rosette formation during cell ingression in the avian primitive streak. Developmental Dynamics, 237. pp. 91-96. ISSN 1097-0177

Dahm, Ralf, Procter, Julia E., Ireland, Mark E., Lo, Woo-Kuen, Mogensen, Mette M., Quinlan, Roy A. and Prescott, Alan R. (2007) Reorganisation of centrosomal marker proteins coincides with epithelial cell differentiation in vertebrate lens. Experimental Eye Research, 85 (5). pp. 696-713. ISSN 1096-0007

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Mogensen, Mette M., Rzadzinska, Agnieszka and Steel, Karen P. (2007) The deaf mouse mutant whirler suggests a role for whirlin in actin filament dynamics and sterocilia development. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 64 (7). pp. 496-508. ISSN 0886-1544

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Baird, Douglas H., Myers, Kenneth A., Mogensen, Mette, Moss, David and Baas, Peter W. (2004) Distribution of the microtubule-related protein ninein in developing neurons. Neuropharmacology, 47. pp. 677-683.

Gromley, Adam, Jurczyk, Agata, Sillibourne, James, Halilovic, Ensar, Mogensen, Mette M., Groisman, Irina, Blomberg, Maureen and Doxsey, Stephen (2003) A novel human protein of the maternal centriole is required for the final stages of cytokinesis and entry into S phase. Journal of Cell Biology, 161. pp. 535-545. ISSN 1540-8140

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Abal, Miguel, Piel, Matthieu, Bouckson-Castaing, Veronique, Mogensen, Mette, Sibarita, Jean-Baptiste and Bornens, Michel (2002) Microtubule release from the centrosome in migrating cells. Journal of Cell Biology, 159. pp. 731-737. ISSN 1540-8140

Gromley, A., Blomberg-Wirschell, M., Groisman, I., Mogensen, M.M., Craig, R., Powers, C. and Doxsey, S. (2002) A mammalian centriole protein homologous to a component of the mitotic exit network plays a role in completion of cytokinesis, cell cycle progression and microtubule organization. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 12. p. 2256. ISSN 1939-4586

Mogensen, M.M., Tucker, J.B., Mackie, J.B., Prescott, A.R. and Nathke, I.S. (2002) Involvement of the Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Protein in establishing polar microtubule arrays in the inner ear epithelium. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 12. p. 266. ISSN 1939-4586

Mogensen, Mette M., Tucker, John B., Mackie, John B., Prescott, Alan R. and Näthke, Inke S. (2002) The adenomatous polyposis coli protein unambiguously localizes to microtubule plus-ends and is involved in establishing parallel arrays of microtubule bundles in highly polarised epithelial cells. Journal of Cell Biology, 157 (6). pp. 1041-1048. ISSN 0021-9525

Book Section

Mogensen, M.M. (2004) Microtubule organizing centers in polarized epithelial cells. In: Centrosomes in Development and Disease. Wiley, pp. 299-312.

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