‘The Whole Hog: A Study of Kazoo Dreamboats by J. H Prynne’/‘Ludovic Krivkova’

Hopkins, Beau (2021) ‘The Whole Hog: A Study of Kazoo Dreamboats by J. H Prynne’/‘Ludovic Krivkova’. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Critical Thesis: 'The Whole Hog: A Study of Kazoo Dreamboats by J. H. Prynne' The first part of this project is a critical thesis exploring J. H. Prynne's 2011 poem, Kazoo Dreamboats. It considers the role played by rhythm in organising and channeling the poem's many thematic currents, and the syntactical and grammatical possibilities opened up by the poem's form, which deploys long prose-like lines and paragraphs while including line breaks. It then examines the poem's use of the word 'nothing', one of its key thematic and lexical leitmotifs. It also explores how the tension in the poem's rhythms dramatises a dialectic between animate and inanimate modes of being; between objective, non-human life on the one hand, and subjective human cognition on the other. Finally, it examines Prynne's ideas on contradiction and the need to remove the human subject from poetry, in the light of his recent critical writing and his 2019 poem, Parkland.

Creative Project: 'Ludovic Krivkova' 'Ludovic Krivkova' is a long poem in seven parts. A savage farce that satirises globalisation, art and spirituality at the end of the liberal technocratic age, it takes the form of a mock eulogy for a deceased Jewish avant-garde composer, Ludovic Krivkova. Told from the perspective of a mocking, ironical chorus, the poem explores his attitudes to politics, religion, art, and love. Parts 1 and 2 of the poem give an overview of Krivkova's musical ambition to create 'a revolution of the spirit'. Part 3, in the form of a Pindaric ode, is a satire on the global financial crisis of 2008 (an obsession of Krivkova's). Part 4, an extended Kaddish (Jewish prayer for the dead), is a role-play reworking of the Book of Job in which Krivkova's friends, playing Job's companions, recall his relationship to God. Part 5 is a dramatic monologue by a psychic medium. Part 6 collects anecdotes and memories from Krivkova's acquaintances, ex-girlfriends, and members of his synagogue. Part 7 is his epitaph.

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