Statism and the State Sector in the Former Soviet Union: The Competition Law Perspective

Dogonkin, Maksim (2022) Statism and the State Sector in the Former Soviet Union: The Competition Law Perspective. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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The transition of the former member states of the Soviet Union to a market economy has been challenging. Owing to different reasons, they continue to adhere strongly to the policy of statism, i.e. pro-active government interventionism, by, inter alia, relying heavily on state-owned enterprises. The aim of this thesis is to analyse a negative impact of the practice of using the state sector for varying purposes on the development of region’s competitive markets and to identify solutions of a legal character for negating or mitigating this impact.

The research focuses on three countries of the region, which are Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Despite seeming significance of the issue for each, there is not much literature that fully and systematically analyses it. This thesis fills the relevant gap in several ways. It first explores historical, economic, and social reasons that contribute to the persistence of the policy of statism. It then analyses how the region’s state-owned enterprises operate in a way that harms competition and how the region’s competition authorities fail to target relevant distortions. Drawing on relevant experience of other jurisdictions, primarily the EU and its member states facing similar challenges, and studies in the area, it further explores what legislative measures may be taken to deal with the issue.

The research concludes that to improve the situation the studied jurisdictions should strengthen a focus of national legislation on competition and the state sector, improve ownership and corporate governance practices with regard to state-owned enterprises, introduce a policy of competitive neutrality, and reshape involved state institutions. It is, among others, suggested that the regions’ competition authorities have an important role to play in tackling the problem through pro-active enforcement, advocacy, and contribution to institutions’ capacity building.

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