Bioinformatic analyses to detect signature of genetic drift and adaptive evolution in whole genome sequence data.

Speak, Samuel Andrew (2020) Bioinformatic analyses to detect signature of genetic drift and adaptive evolution in whole genome sequence data. Masters thesis, University of East Anglia.

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The environmental and biological crisis currently threatening a vast quantity of endangered species globally. Saving species from extinction requires a step change in conservation that includes genomics and integrates this with more traditional conservation actions such as habitat restoration and species conservation. This thesis focuses on gaining experience in bioinformatic techniques through three unique and independent projects with the aim to apply these skills in a conservation genomic setting. Firstly, “Investigating the Adaptive Evolution in A Diatom’s Genome in Response To Extreme Temperature Selection”, an analysis of genetic Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) data of the polar diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana under differing temperature regimes and its potential adaptations to survive extreme heat stress. Secondly, “A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Heterotrophic Diatom Nitzschia putrida”, which investigates the process underpinning gene family expansion of transporter gene families and aims to determine whether these expansions were a pre- or post-adaptation to a heterotrophic lifestyle. Finally, “Identifying the Deleterious Mutational Load Within the Passenger Pigeon Genome”, which highlights the importance of measuring genetic load within populations and the role it may have played in the rapid extinction of one of the world’s most numerous vertebrates over a century ago. Together these studies on microorganisms to vertebrates aim to illustrate the importance of genomics and bioinformatics as tools to investigate a variety of evolutionary questions with relevance to conservation. The tools explored and developed in these studies may help conservation biologists in their studies and efforts to protect endangered species, and these approaches will become instrumental in out fight to stop the sixth mass extinction.

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