Synthetic strategies towards multivalent lectin ligand mimics

Kriticos, Lydia (2017) Synthetic strategies towards multivalent lectin ligand mimics. Masters thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Lectins are a class of sugar-binding proteins of interest to pharmaceutical research due to their varied roles in diseases and specific presentation on different tissue types. Compounds that bind strongly to specific lectins may have potential both as drugs and targeting agents. The synthesis of multivalent scaffolds designed as lectin ligand mimics are presented in this work. Two different core scaffolds, calix(4)arene and Trizma base were used along with two sugar ligation strategies, Huisgen-Sharpless cycloaddition (giving O-glycosides) and aminooxy based chemoselective ligation (giving N-glycosides).
Three O-glycosidic tri-substituted ligand mimics using Trizma base as the central scaffold were synthesised using Huisgen-Sharpless cycloaddition. Similarly sized tri-substituted aminooxy Trizma centred scaffolds were synthesised with the intention of comparing the effects of ligation strategy on lectin binding.
Progress was made towards synthesising sugar-substituted calixarenes using both ligation strategies.

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