Towards the Synthesis of Novel Linseed Oil Based Anhydride Compounds

Poon, Edmond (2016) Towards the Synthesis of Novel Linseed Oil Based Anhydride Compounds. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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    This thesis describes the synthesis of a novel anhydride that could theoretically be used to
    strengthen cellulose fibres in terms of their water resistance for potential use as a potential green
    replacement for fibreglass. The first chapter, the introduction, is split into 3 parts which are the 3
    constituent parts to the novel anhydride molecule, the PEG, the cellulose and the linseed oil.
    The first part of the introduction highlights the uses of PEGs in industry now, with its flexibility and
    hydrophilicity resulting in its use in a wide range of products varying from cosmetics to hydraulic
    The second part of the introduction describes the cellulose fibres and its vast potential usefulness
    due to its abundance. Furthermore, its current uses are explored, with uses in the Pharmaceutical
    industry among other things.
    The third part to the introduction deals with the synthesis of the linoleic (and other unsaturated
    long-chain hydrocarbons) alcohol and how its unsaturated bonds can cross-link to form hydrogen
    bonds between individual hydrocarbons. Crosslinking between inter-molecular bonds is theorized to
    occur between the cellulose and the unsaturated hydrocarbon as well.
    The second chapter is the results and discussion which describes the results of the experimental
    procedures of this thesis. Due to the difficulties of collecting the pure ether during the Williamson
    ether synthesis stage, the practical side of the thesis was stalled at the formation the ether step.
    However, spectroscopically pure Linoleyl Bromides, Tosylates and Mesylates were all produced as
    was the pure monoprotected trityl PEGs.
    The third and final chapter contains the experimental data for the compounds produced in the
    previous chapter.

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